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Who Pays College Expenses in Divorce Cases
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As college expenses continue to rise, paying for those higher education expenses has become increasingly difficult particularly in divorced families. In Illinois, a judge can order one or both divorced (or never previously unmarried) parents to pay the educational expenses of their children for college or professional training. At Roscich & Martel Law Firm, LLC Law Office in Naperville, IL, our attorneys are experienced in helping parents workout who will pay for college for their children. We understand how the family courts handle these issues and we can explain your rights and obligations in these matters.

Illinois College Expenses Decisions

There are no hard and fast laws in Illinois that determine who should pay what when it comes to college expenses. Consequently, the decision is up to the discretion of the family court judge. The judge will consider a number of factors before awarding educational expenses including:

  • The individual financial resources of both parents
  • Any financial resources available to the child such as financial aid, educational accounts, trusts, scholarships, savings accounts, bonds, etc.
  • How the child’s college expenses would have been covered if the marriage had not ended
  • How the child has performed academically

Judges will typically take into consideration whether parents can afford a private school or a public school. In general, the court does not award college expenses beyond what a parent can afford. Our attorneys have decades of experience practicing family law and understand how to effectively counsel and represent clients in these matters.

Modifying College Expense Allocations

In Illinois, college expense awards are considered a type of child support payment, and they are enforceable under the law. Like other forms of child support, they are also modifiable. If the financial circumstances of one or both parents changes, or if the needs of the child changes, an existing college expense agreement can be renegotiated. We are skilled in handling all types post decree modifications including college expense agreements.


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