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Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious infraction that can have serious and lasting repercussions. According to the State of Illinois, an offender commits a DUI whenever he or she is found to have a blood-alcohol-concentration ("BAC") of 0.08% or higher. (Illinois also has a zero tolerance law, meaning that a driver under the age of 21 found to have a BAC of more than 0.00% may be charged with a DUI.)

A repeat DUI offender occurs whenever an individual previously charged and convicted of a DUI commits an additional offense. Repeat DUI offenders are not uncommon in Illinois or across the United States. In fact, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), nearly one-third of drivers arrested for DUI are repeat offenders.

The state of Illinois considers most initial DUI offenses to be misdemeanors. However, a charge of DUI may, under Illinois law, be considered a felony even as the first offense. Depending on the severity of the offense, an offender may be charged and convicted of felony DUI.

Certain Conditions May Allow for A Conviction of Felony DUI

Individuals should be aware of what may amount to felony DUI. According to Illinois law, an individual offender may be charged with felony DUI for a variety of factors. Some of the factors which may influence the classification of the offender's violation as a felony DUI include the following:

The number of previous DUI violations of which the offender has been convicted can result in a Felony DUI conviction. Whenever an offender is convicted his or her third DUI violation, he or she is considered to have committed a Class 2 Felony. As the number of DUI convictions increases, the degree of the felony becomes more severe. The more serious the felony, the more serious the penalties

Penalties for Repeat and Felony DUI Offenders

The State of Illinois punishes those offenders convicted of DUI. The degree of punishment increases depending on the DUI offense. Repeat and felony DUI offenders receive some of the harshest punishments as laid out in Illinois' statutes. Some of the penalties for repeat and felony DUI offenders in the State of Illinois include:

  • License Suspension or Revocation - Depending on the number of DUI violations committed by the offender, he or she may see his or her license either suspended or revoked for a predetermined period of time.
  • Fines - The fines associated with DUI offenses are significant and increase with either each repeat offense or with a higher-degree felony conviction.
  • Mandatory Classes and Interlock Ignition (BAIID) - Some offenders may be eligible to receive a hardship license after their DUI conviction. Repeat offenders and felony DUI offenders may be court-ordered to take classes and/or install an interlock ignition in order to receive a hardship license.
  • Jail Time - In addition to losing one's driving privileges, a DUI offense can result in jail time.

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Being a repeat or felony DUI offender in the state of Illinois can have serious and lasting consequences. If you have been charged with a repeat or felony DUI offense, you should contact Roscich & Martel Law Firm, LLC as soon as possible. Effective counsel is critical to the preservation of your legal rights whenever you are charged with a DUI. We provide high-quality legal services to clients in the Naperville area. To schedule your initial consultation with one of our attorneys, call our office today at 630-355-5222.

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