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Providing Criminal Defendants with Competent Legal Representation in DuPage County and Throughout Illinois

Crimes happen every day in the state of Illinois. People are assaulted, shot, and sometimes killed. Stores get robbed. Money is laundered or pickpocketed. White-collar crimes are a unique monster in and of themselves as they involve the intersection of multiple state and federal laws. Having a seasoned criminal defense attorney at your side is critical if you have been charged with any type crime.

Defending Against Criminal Charges

A person charged with a crime is, as a matter of law, innocent until proven guilty. The burden of proof falls on the State or entity that is bringing the charges. In addition, the prosecutor must follow specific rules and procedures when attempting to prove guilt. If the State fails to do something that it is required to do by law when prosecuting an alleged criminal, then the accused individual may be able to have their case dismissed.

Unfortunately, the State does not always catch its own mistakes and will almost never move to dismiss its own case for a procedural infraction. Defendants in criminal cases must always be aware of what is going on, what their rights are, and how to protect and enforce their rights as a defendant at any given moment.

At Roscich & Martel Law Firm, LLC, our skilled criminal defense lawyers assist clients with the following matters:

Fighting DUI Charges in Illinois

A person who has been charged with a DUI can protect their commercial driver's license (CDL) by challenging the summary suspension and charge in court. The process for challenging a summary suspension is referred to as a petition to rescind, and drivers have a right to a hearing within 30 days of filing the petition. It is important to note that the State has the burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A competent DUI attorney will be able to assess the process in its entirety and determine whether there are grounds for acquittal.

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At Roscich & Martel Law Firm, LLC, we have helped many people accused of committing a crime get their cases dismissed. We fight to protect the rights of our clients and ensure that due process is conducted appropriately.

If you have been charged with a crime, seek legal representation immediately. Contact our office today at 630-355-5222 to discuss your criminal charges. We offer free initial consultations and will do our utmost to provide realistic and practical advice on the likely outcome of your case. We represent clients all throughout Illinois, including the areas of Naperville, Aurora, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Wheaton, Warrenville, Winfield, Downers Grove, and Lisle, as well as DuPage, Kendall, and Kane, and Will Counties.

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