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co-parenting, Illinois child custody,  parental responsibilities, parenting time, DuPage County family law attorneyWhen the breakdown of a romantic relationship occurs, both parties may agree to remain co-parents. Co-parenting usually means that both parties will cooperate with each other and raise the child together, although co-parenting does not always mean that there will be a 50-50 split in parental responsibilities.

While co-parenting is a good goal, it can be easier said than done. Co-parenting is not right for every family.

Experts advise that parents follow these guidelines when attempting to co-parent:


DuPage County divorce attorney, divorce communications, divorce process, divorce mediation, divorce stressThe door to conflict in divorce is often wide open, hosting a range of challenges for both parties and all family members involved in the experience. Regardless of the circumstances, all couples inevitably emerge from the transition with a few emotional scars. For those who experience a slightly less turbulent divorce, however, the crucial factor most responsible for a “successful” split is almost always communication.

Communicating in Divorce: The Ultimate Challenge

Research shows that poor communication is often the primary reason couples end up divorcing, so it is not surprising that talking to one another in the midst of a stressful separation would be even more challenging. How we react and interact with our spouse during the divorce process has the power to drastically shape the outcome of our experience, however.


DuPage County divorce attorney, uncooperative spouse, divorce proceedings, divorce process, divorce tipsNavigating the obstacles of divorce is a hard enough task on its own, especially when children are involved and an overwhelming amount of financial arrangements must be made to assemble new post-divorce lifestyles for both parties. Whether you have an abundance of work cut out for you in the area of asset division or you just cannot seem to come to an agreement about your parenting plan, the divorce process is an emotional experience for anyone and everyone, no matter the circumstances. Factor in working with an uncooperative spouse, and the challenge becomes significantly more difficult.

Reasons Why Your Spouse May Be Lashing Out

There are a multitude of reasons why your spouse may be in acting in a way that is deliberately uncooperative. Often, an angry or hurt ex-partner will argue or engage in stubborn behavior in order to get attention or to see if you still care by provoking you. Some spouses simply carry a chip on their shoulder during and after the divorce, lashing out when they feel overwhelmed with loss of control or feelings of betrayal. Whatever the driving force behind the behavior, how you handle the situation can make a big difference in the overall outcome of the divorce experience.


DuPage County prenuptial agreement attorneys, prenuptial agreementWhile it has become more common to have them, the truth is that not every couple needs a prenuptial agreement (also referred to as a prenup).

Some couples (or individual partners) insist, but in many cases, there is not enough between the two people to warrant a careful, item-by-item disposition, which is often what a prenuptial agreement turns out to be. Before spending the time and expense on creating one, it is a good idea to ensure that a prenup is actually necessary for your financial health.

Do You Have Extensive Assets?


DuPage County divorce attorney, silver lining in divorceFor many couples, it is hard to find a positive perspective on their divorce, especially when the circumstances surrounding it have been anything but pleasant. We have all heard the horror stories from our friends, family, and neighbors; it is only natural to compare those accounts with our own and, as a result, only see the negative aspects of the split.

Undoubtedly, divorce is often a hurtful, turbulent, emotional experience. Regardless of the negative nature of the situation, however, there are advantages to being placed in a situation where you are forced to end a relationship and start fresh.

What You Gain from the Loss

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